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Different Types of Goals

The best way to set goals is to set goals on various time levels. This can range from Someday to Everyday, but the key is to setting goals with a timeline attached to help motivate you. Someday These are big picture goals that are not bound to your current lifestyle, but are things you wouldContinue reading “Different Types of Goals”

Nine Essential Planner Tools

Color Dot Markers These are great for making clean, crisp circles. Sharpie S Gel Pens 1.0 Bold These are the best gel pens. Erin Condren Ruler Any ruler will work, but these are great for drawing straight lines and trimming washi. Uni Pin Markers These are my favorite permanent markers. Tweezers These are great forContinue reading “Nine Essential Planner Tools”

Best Rose Scented Products

I have been obsessed with rose scented products for as long as I can remember. Roses are my favorite products and the scent is so fresh and clean. I have tried several products and these three are my favorite. Anthropologie Rose Scented Perfume This is by far my favorite rose scented product. It is availableContinue reading “Best Rose Scented Products”

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