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q4k: becoming that girl

Kaden, I keep seeing tik toks about becoming that girl. I want to become that girl.. but I don’t know how. Any advice? – a tik tokker There has been quite the phenomenon with becoming that girl recently, mostly thanks to Tik Tok. There is a large trend to share videos of yourself doing things […]

q4k: my friend doesn’t like my boyfriend

Kaden, I have been dating the same guy for several months now, but my friend thinks I can do better. We are really close and she is usually pretty wise, but it is still frustrating. – a frustrated friend This is such a tricky situation. I wrote last week to somebody that wrote about how […]

q4k: creating a capsule wardrobe

Kaden, I keep seeing capsule wardrobes on instagram and am considering building one, but don’t totally understand how they work. – a fashionista who wants a change I recently created a capsule wardrobe this summer and I love it. I have talked about this over on The Daily Kaden Instagram some, but it is great […]

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