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I recently shared a YouTube video about my newest prayer journal that is super simple and easy. If you would like more information, you can view that video here. SUPPLIES: All you need is a blank notebook, your favorite pens, and maybe a fun marker or two. MAKE A HEADER: The first step is toContinue reading “DIY PRAYER JOURNAL”

7 Closet Organization Hacks

Making sure that your closet is organized can save you time when getting ready in the morning and can improve the visual aesthetic as well. Organize your shoes by style. I store all of my sandals on the top shelf and sneakers Sort undergarments into individual drawers. These plastic drawers are an easy and affordableContinue reading “7 Closet Organization Hacks”

Different Types of Goals

The best way to set goals is to set goals on various time levels. This can range from Someday to Everyday, but the key is to setting goals with a timeline attached to help motivate you. Someday These are big picture goals that are not bound to your current lifestyle, but are things you wouldContinue reading “Different Types of Goals”

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