10 Easy Ways to Decorate a Small Patio

There are countless ways to make a small, outdoor space feel more personal and unique to your own style. My patio is shared with two neighbors in my apartment building, yet I was able to make my space feel like my own personal patio.

  1. Add a chair and a throw blanket and pillow to make the space even cozier. This throw blanket is actually a heavy cloth table cloth that is made of the same fabric the pillow is made from.

chair: home goods

pillow + table cloth: tuesday morning

2. Fill any empty space with as many plants as possible. Adding stands to create varying heights helps the space to appear full of plants.

green plant stand: tuesday morning

3. Look for signs that match your theme. I was going for a tropical, palm leaf, flamingo vibe, so when I found this little sign I knew it would add to the decorative element.

relax and enjoy sign: hobby lobby

4. Add a table and chair for additional seating. This chair is a higher level than my white chair and provides a small space for me to sit outside and work or eat.

table and chair: michael’s

bubble machine: target

5. A flag and windmill that match your theme can really pull everything together.

flag: walmart

windmill: target

6. You can turn anything into a door hanger. This wall art matched my theme and color scheme perfectly, so I just added ribbon to the back to turn it into a door hanger.

wall art: michael’s

7. Add a matching door mat and outdoor decor.

door mat: target

flamingo: at home

8. Layer rugs for a cozy environment. This larger vinyl rug is cute underneath this smaller cloth rug.

green rug: hobby lobby

black rug: t.j. maxx

9. A fairy garden is a cute and easy way to customize your space. I found all of these pieces including the pot for less than $15 at dollar general.

fair garden + pot: dollar general

10. String lights are perfect for late nights in the middle of June. Stores like Target and Walmart offer a variety of affordable options.

(if you caught that song reference, we can be friends)

string lights: target

I had a blast decorating my patio space and searching for items that were both affordable and that contribute to my overall theme and color scheme. Let me know down in the comments what your favorite patio decor trick is!

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