Six Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator

Taking a few extra minutes to organize your refrigerator makes you more likely to remember what foods you have and eat them before they go bad.

  1. Try to group foods and beverages that are similar to the same spaces.

2. Use long bins for similar foods. For example, I have guacamole and salsa cups in one bin and pickles and cheese sticks in another bin. These are foods that I sometimes eat together.

clear plastic bins: home goods

3. Use glass containers to store foods and label them with sticky notes.

glass containers: amazon

glass containers: amazon

sticky notes: cloth + paper

4. Use larger plastic bins to house sodas.

5. Larger bins can also be used to store foods that you keep larger amounts of. For me, I always have a great amount of various cheeses, so I usually keep them all in one bin together. This could work for any food though.

6. Keep food in clear containers, whether that is reusable ones you keep at home or the disposable plastic ones they come in from the store. This makes it easier to spot food and eat what you have.

Let me know down in the comments your best refrigerator storage hack!

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