Fall Decor Haul: Hobby Lobby + Home Goods

Happy September!

Goodness though, how is it already September? Nonetheless, September means fall is just around the corner and although I am not decorating quite yet, I am beginning to plan out my 2021 fall decor.

I have picked up a few, fun items from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods recently and couldn’t help but share. I will also have a YouTube Video up with a closer look at these items and a few more fall purchases tomorrow, Thursday September 2. If you are interested in viewing that video, it will be linked HERE.

I found this pumpkin at Home Goods and it is the piece that inspired the new direction I am taking with fall 2021. It encouraged me to add in navies, burnt oranges, yellows, and burgundies (the only color not on this pumpkin).

This little tassel from Home Goods was too fun not to pass up! The little gnomes look like candy corn and as my sister pointed out to me, it will transition nicely into Christmas.

I found these sunflowers for 40% off at hobby lobby and envisioned them to look great on my dining table. As of now, my plan is to trim the stems off and place them flat around the place settings.

I had a vision of velvet pumpkins and found these affordable ones at hobby lobby in both pink and navy! I am still looking for more pink ones and possibly ones in some of the other colors I am decorating in, but velvet pumpkins is my favorite fall trend this year.

I have a couple ideas for these mini, velvet pumpkins. They would be cute in a vase with other floral or feather pieces.. or they would look nice trimmed off the stems and either placed around the dining table or stacked up in a clear vase.

Beads are a great way to add texture and dimension to your fall decor. The cream beads came in a large garland from Hobby Lobby and the shorter blue and pink strands were actually a Dollar General Find.

Let me know down in the comments if you have started shopping or decorating for fall yet!

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