q4k: becoming that girl


I keep seeing tik toks about becoming that girl. I want to become that girl.. but I don’t know how. Any advice?

– a tik tokker

There has been quite the phenomenon with becoming that girl recently, mostly thanks to Tik Tok. There is a large trend to share videos of yourself doing things to better yourself. Such videos consist of girls waking up at 5am, drinking smoothies, working out, painting their nails, reading, journaling, grocery shopping, and other activities of the sort. The videos depict girls that seem to have their life together and inspire viewers to want to be that girl, quite literally. Thus, girls who consistently do these things are called that girl.

Anyways, now that the clarification is out of the way, let’s talk about becoming that girl. I love the idea and if I am being totally transparent have even found myself aiming to be that girl. I think there are large benefits for personal growth and development. I have this idea in my head that I will both have my life more together and appear more put together if I do these things. I think it is great, but there is one thing that I think you should consider if you want to spend your time becoming that girl; why are you doing these things?

Is it for social media or to better yourself? There is absolutely nothing wrong with documenting it for social media (hello! Hi, that’s me). BUT… I think that your motivation should have less to do with others and more for yourself. Are you journaling for your mental health? Are you working out for your physical health? Are you grocery shopping and coordinating your produce into picture-perfect bins because it makes you happy or it makes your followers happy?

Once you get past that, becoming that girl is fairly easy. You just need to envision what YOU actually want to do. In an ideal world, what would your best self look like? What is standing between yourself and that ideal version of yourself? The steps between you and who you want to be are the action steps you need to be focused on and they will concurrently result in you becoming that girl.. becoming that girl that is focused on goals and has ambition. Because let’s face it.. the root of being that girl is actually just somebody that hustles to accomplish a lot.

good luck! KP

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