Fall Decor Haul: Hobby Lobby + Home Goods

Happy September! Goodness though, how is it already September? Nonetheless, September means fall is just around the corner and although I am not decorating quite yet, I am beginning to plan out my 2021 fall decor. I have picked up a few, fun items from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods recently and couldn’t help butContinue reading “Fall Decor Haul: Hobby Lobby + Home Goods”

7 Closet Organization Hacks

Making sure that your closet is organized can save you time when getting ready in the morning and can improve the visual aesthetic as well. Organize your shoes by style. I store all of my sandals on the top shelf and sneakers Sort undergarments into individual drawers. These plastic drawers are an easy and affordableContinue reading “7 Closet Organization Hacks”

Six Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator

Taking a few extra minutes to organize your refrigerator makes you more likely to remember what foods you have and eat them before they go bad. Try to group foods and beverages that are similar to the same spaces. 2. Use long bins for similar foods. For example, I have guacamole and salsa cups inContinue reading “Six Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator”